Hydra Trails

Discover an untamed but welcoming island on foot!


1 : Western Hydra

15.8km                 5h                 3/5


3 : Eastern Hydra

12.4km                 6h                 3/5


5 : Dokos Islet

3.4km                 1h30′                 3/5


Hydra is the only car-free island in Greece! That makes of it a hiker paradise! Old footpaths and mule trails, all waymarked, offer access to cultural and natural sites, like monasteries, chapels, forests, geology, rural settlements while enjoying endless views to the sea.

The official trails network of Hydra, “Hydra Trails” is a work of the Municipality of Hydra.

Practical Info

There are daily itineraries that do not exceed one and a half hour, with ferry, flying dolphin and flying cat to and from the port of Piraeus. The same itineraries link Hydra to the other islands of Argo-Saronic and Spetses.

Hydra is connected to Ermioni and Metochi by boat, with itineraries of no more than half an hour.

Hydra has no wheeled vehicles, which are forbidden. To cut a long story short, in order to move you will have to walk!

You can move around the island mainly using animals, but also with water taxis that can take you to various places by sea when the weather allows it.

Municipality: (+30) 22983 20200 / (+30) 22980 52210 / (+30) 22980 53003
Hospital: (+30) 22980-53150
Pharmacies: (+30) 22980-52059 / 22980-53260
Police: (+30) 22980-52205, Emergency Police Number: 100
Fire Brigade, Emergency Fire Brigade Number: 199
Coast Guard: (+30) 22980-52279
European Emergency Number: 112 (for all emergency services)

In Hydra, you can hike all year round. Spring and Autumn are considered to be the best seasons to hike due to the mild temperatures and the vivid colours of the land and vegetation. In winter it is also possible to hike, but you should expect a few showers, strong and cold winds and muddy trails. In summer (July, August) it is too hot to walk. However, if you try it, avoid walking between 12pm to 4pm.

Hiking boots, hat, sunscreen, long trousers, walking poles are considered essential. During winter time, a windshield jacket, a raincoat and thermal apparel are required. It is also advisable not to walk alone and to always keep with you a first aid kit. A torch, and a well charged mobile phone are also advisable, however keep in mind that there are areas with no cell-phone reception on the island.

  • Take only memories, leave only footprints! Ants and other insects or animals have not yet discovered how to consume plastic. Take all rubbish back with you.
  • Don’t start a fire if you feel cold! Apart from being illegal, you may start a disastrous bush/forest-fire. Try to warm up by walking faster!
  • Smoking on the trail is not going to do you, nor the risk of fire, any good!
  • Local people are not a tourist attraction! If you want to take a picture, kindly ask. They most likely will smile to you!
  • If you find a gate on the trail, pass freely, and leave it as you found it! These gates are used for animal control.
  • Stay on the trail. There is a reason why for many centuries people chose to walk on them and not elsewhere!

Good hiking maps of Hydra, featuring all the trails are sold at many points on the island.

Disclaimer: Walk carefully, you walk at your own risk!